For many years now I have felt that I am a feminist, and yet have so often held back from claiming this position. Improvised Feminism is a classroom in which I learn about the complex, lived experience of feminism through the shared knowledge of the group.

How do I learn? What engages me? To be in an intimate setting, to improvise, to laugh, to listen, to embody, to feel. How could this aid conversation around as rich, diverse and potentially loaded a subject as the female experience? How could I as an experienced improvisor use my toolkit to dynamise and enliven group sharings?

Rather than a performance, Improvised Feminism is an ongoing series of sessions. Together with a co-improvisor, I facilitate a conversation on the female experience – from daily life to theoretical writings.

8 to 10 people enter the space. We are sat in a circle, including the 2 improvisors. In the middle of this circle are three excerpts of text from a broad range of genres relating to feminism – some theory, some song, some poetry etc. All of these serve as catalysts for conversation and have been contributed by previous attendants.

The improvisations serve a number of functions – to illuminate, heighten, question, provoke, change direction, add lightness, entertain. In this way we are able to influence the flow of our time together.

For a trial session or video documentation, please email:

PREMIERE:  September 29, 2017 @ VEEM HOUSE for PERFORMANCE

Test sessions:

BAU Space for Performance (2016)

Improvising/ Performers: Margo van de Linde, Trista Mrema, Annefleur Schep

Created in collaboration with:

Leila Anderson, Gina-Alina Patilea, Dennis Molendijk, Maria Robler, Isobel Dryburgh, Vera Kaye, Marieke Warmelink