Lady Marmalade is the sassy, sultry and somewhat quirky M.C. best known for hosting such nights as Blue Moon CabaretBurlesque Freakout and  The Amsterdam Burlesque Award. From the stages of New York, to London, to Istanbul this quick-witted comedienne and songstress has been hailed for her ability to improvise her texts with great success. From live poetry to songs that capture the spirit of each night, almost everything to come out of her mouth is brand new, unexpected and inspired by performers and audience alike. She comes close and comments on the things we’re a little shy to admit… but don’t worry – she never bites. And in the end the thing she cares about most is that the audience feel at home.

photo: Mika Guasp

photo: Stefan Cornelis

Lady Marmalade has performed at events such as:

Blue Moon Cabaret
Burlesque Ballroom
Burlesque Freakout
Midnite Burlesque
Istanbul Burlesque Festival
Amsterdam Burlesque Award
CoCo London Retro Night
The Box New York