Margo van de Linde

Margo van de Linde (1982) is an American-raised Dutch theatre director, actress and singer. She has worked in the entertainment industry for over 10 years as a comedy improviser and M.C. for Burlesque striptease shows. Choosing this path has influenced her as a theatre maker. In her work she fuses elements of talkshow, roleplay, cabaret and live music in order to create theatrical portraits of herself and others. She works with professional performers as well as non-professional performers.

If she had to make a one line statement on her interest it would be something like: How the performative tools used to engage, seduce and influence audiences function as a magnified version of our everyday relationships. Her awareness of power dynamics and the thin line between authenticity and performativity have led her to explore these themes further in recent works. Recently the position and voice of women in society have formed her main interest.

Margo holds a BA Performing Arts from Middlesex University, a BA Performance Studies from the University of Amsterdam and a Masters of Theatre from DasArts, Amsterdam.

Margo has shown her work at:

Festival De Parade
Oerol Festival
Roodkapje Rotterdam
DasArts Master of Theatre
Festival Cement
BE Festival Birmingham
Theater Frascati

Margo is also involved in other projects as an actress, such as:

The Cyclepaths

The Machine

Relational Stalinism