As part of an intensive block on public intervention (hosted by arists Edit Kaldor and Ant Hampton at DasArts) I staged an impromptu stage raid during Mac de Marco’s headline gig on a friday at Paradiso music hall. It started with a prompt: How long can you crawl across the stage for before being removed?

Result: Both band and bouncers left me to it. I was able to do a cat dance, showcase my newly aquired Pilates skills and even take center stage after Mac abandoned ship with a stage dive.

It was only when I grabbed his mic and started singing that the bouncer came into action, who carried me off in a ballet pose to a loud roar from the crowd. It was very romantic.

Funnily enough the biggest post act enthusiasts were the security guards themselves. They said they wished things like that happened more often. This made me think about how even seemingly liberal hangouts that are meant to cater for our ‘off time’ become oppressive in their setup of ‘we the band, you the audience.’ Hierarchies appear when socialising takes on a pre-directed and predictable form. So it’s good to intervene into the routine.

Performed at:

Paradiso Concert Hall (2014)


Mac deMarco