photo: Paul Blom


Sensuous impro-vocals, off-the-wall poetry and oo-bop-sh’bam madness…

Lady Marmalade & the Beatnik cats are an ultra versatile combo that take on any event from the International Documentary Festival, to the annual Boekenbal, to an engineering conference about Smart Cities or a party hosted by a Carparts Manufacturer. There’s only one through-line: At least 50% of the performance is inspired by the event itself. Whether it means pre-scripting songs, writing them from within the event, or improvising them live – the band captures the moment with a wink, a laugh and some serious content.

Typically a gig looks somewhat like this: Lady M and her gang take to the stage as a surprise act during an event. She weaves together the highlights of the day/eve, reminding people of what they have heard or seen and also sheds the perspective of the artist whilst doing so. Audience members are often surprised to hear the lyrics were written mere moments before the show.

Afterwards, the band play a selection of vintage 1950’s and 60’s Beatnik jazz, known for it’s wordplay and groove, that accompany the wine in your hand. Inspirations include: Jack Kerouac, Abbey Lincoln, Slim & Slam, Bird, Dizzy, Sonny, Bud, Eartha Kitt, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs & Thelonious Monk!

Lady Marmalade and the Beatnik Cats are available as a full combo or as vocals with a one or two instrument underscore.

Here’s Margo singing a song that she wrote live at a science festival:

Lady Marmalade & the Beatnik Cats are:

Vocals: Margo van de Linde
Sax: Mikkel van der Meulen
Bass: Eddie Kuijpers
Drums: Pim Dros
Keys: Daan Dragt/Rein Godefrey

Lady Marmalade & the Beatnik Cats have been seen and heard at:

The Royal Dutch Academy of Science
The Amsterdam City Theatre
De Nieuwe Anita
Walhalla Rotterdam
Eureka! Science Festival
North Sea Jazz Club