photo: Anna van Kooij


The Social Stage was conceived as part of Changing Places at Theater Frascati in which 5 theatre makers were asked: What does the idea of co-creation with someone from the field of social work mean to you?
What ensued was an attempt to make a performance on the basis of 3 conversations and 1 group rehearsal. A conversation-piece between Margo van de Linde and social-worker Shazia Ishaq (Stichting M.O.I for the integration of non-Dutch nationals) accompanied by members of the Amsterdam Philharmonic and Stichting Muzieksleutel (Non-profit organisation ‘Music-key’).

The work circulated around the importance of individual agency in relation to the joy and transformative power of group singing.

As part of Shazia’s latest project she had teamed up with the Philharmonic to form choirs of those who needed distraction from the difficulty of their everyday lives. The first choir, consisting of ‘key figures’ to inspire this movement, were to host a large concert the week after Frascati. Margo and Shazia decided to take the opportunity to be business savvy and use the stage as a welcome testing ground, adding the dimension of interview and monologue to give the audience a glimpse of the people behind the group.

For many of the choir members it was the first time ever to be on a stage.

Performed at:

theater Frascati


Shazia, Jasmine, Henna, Zachary, Nando, Dave, Margo

Live Translation:

Chiara Wilde


Lara Staal