Margo takes on the role of a panel member during an event such as a talkshow, after-talk or Q and A.

The context being anything from a theater festival to an end-of-year business event. She listens, takes note and weaves together the highlights of what has been discussed – in song. Her function is to remind the audience of highlights, to provoke and draw attention back to what already felt exciting, to add comedy and lightness as an endnote.

When she’s a in a daring mood she also goes to open mic nights, freestyle nights, poetry slam nights and any other open stage to use direct contact with the audience as inspiration to create instant vocal soundscapes.

Margo performs solo, with a DJ or as part of the band Lady Marmalade and the Beatnik Cats, who have their own page on this website.

Margo is currently performing for:

Voorlichting voor Gevorderden

Word-Up Amsterdam

The Actor Factory

Margo has been seen and heard at:

The Royal Dutch Academy of Science
The Amsterdam City Theatre
De Nieuwe Anita
Walhalla Rotterdam
Eureka! Science Festival
North Sea Jazz Club