WINDOW (2014)

Window is a re-staging of a performance originally done as an intervention into the Red Light District. The window of a call center on one of the main canals was borrowed and dressed for the evening in neon lights as though it were the window of a sex worker. I took on this role, and had planned a series of actions which one would not normally expect to see in the window. The attempt was to see if I could subvert the gaze of objectification and purchase between myself and a potential client. I had planned, amongst other things, to cry, eat, freak out, sleep and offer free conversations.

In reality I only managed one or two attempts at morphing my physique and facial expressions before the police were called onto the scene. I was informed that I was performing an illegal act on several grounds- I was not renting a proper window, I was dressing a window as a proper window, I didn’t have I.D. on me, my nipples were somewhat exposed. I later found out that a woman working in a window next to me may well have been the one to call the police.

The contrast between my ethical intentions and the actual consequence of my actions on the economic situation of the street led me to restaging the event with the addition of a post-event  diary-like narration which analyses where exactly the expected and the unexpected collide and ultimately teach the interventionist more than the intended public.

WINDOW was performed at:

DasArts Master of Theatre


Rein Hartog